September 23, 2023

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The Many Advantages of Breastfeeding

Having successfully reared three healthy children who have now presented me with six healthy grand-children my experience with breastfeeding is worthwhile to note. The many advantages it offers are even more than noted here but the most obvious ones are still the most important. In today’s world of instant food mothers are prone to opt for formula and feeding bottles for some strange reason.

Breast milk is free, and that is a great plus, especially in households where money is tight. It is also at the right temperature, which means that there is no need for heating it. Another important factor is that one can access it at anytime and in any place.

While there appears to be a stigma against mothers displaying their breasts in public this is surely over-the-top as a reason not to do it. Obsession with breasts and their ability to stimulate men into sexual desire is probably at the heart of it. In ancient temples and in some modern ones, as in Japan, breasts are celebrated.

The carved images in places like Nineveh, where marriage to the Mother God, Mary, was a reason for crucifixion (as noted in many of my articles) they possibly pertained to foreplay. As the volunteers who were then sacrificed intended to become her mate this would have been the most likely purpose for them.

In his diary Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church, notes how a group of men hacked off the breasts of a woman in Bethlehem because she led them astray. She was locked in stocks in the main square. He thought the punishment just and as he was the one who formulated the religion based on Islamic principles it is possibly the reason why the stigma remains.

The greatest thing about breast milk is that is highly nutritious and contains all that a young baby needs to thrive. The vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it carries from the mother to the child is nature’s way of providing the perfect food. Why, then, should anyone bar mothers from breastfeeding in public? After all most of us were reared on the substance produced.