September 23, 2023

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The Delicious World of Coffee Cake!

I love drinking gourmet coffee and I cannot think of a more delicious companion to coffee than the coffee cake. This sweet bakery item has come a long way! These days there are thousands of recipes on the internet, YouTube videos with step by step instructions, and cook books dedicated to this delicious bakery staple. The funny thing about coffee cake is that it does not actually contain any coffee – it is just termed that as it is meant to be enjoyed alongside a great cup of Java!

The most traditional form of coffee cake contains a certain set of familiar flavors. Cinnamon, seeds, nuts and sometimes fruits are the star of the show. Often times these delicious cakes will contain a crumbly, or crumb topping, that typically consists of sugar and sometimes oats. These cakes are also often topped with a streusel or a light glaze drizzle. The variations of these cakes are endless and finding your perfect slice of coffee cake may take a little taste testing. Luckily, that is a very delicious test to take!

One of my favorite versions of coffee cake is one I recently stumbled across offered by the Ina Garten, AKA the Barefoot Contessa. Her version of the delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner dessert staple of this glorious dessert comes in the form of Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins! These are not only perfect with breakfast, but would also be great to make ahead for a brunch party! The tartness of the fresh blueberries add a nice contrast to the richness of the sweet muffins. Paula Deen also offers a spectacular recipe that is titled “Easy Blueberry Skillet Cake”. This one takes the form of a cake baked in an iron skillet and looks downright heavenly!

Like I mentioned before there are literally thousands of variations of this baked delight. I have seen some wonderful recipes that contain raspberries, blackberries and even cream cheese. The cream cheese and fruit coffee cakes are more like a pastry, but are perfect for serving alongside a delicious cup of Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, or other gourmet coffee offering. These are also easy to make as many of the fruit and cream recipes use a pre-made pastry crust such as crescent rolls or puffed pastry. After all entertaining and enjoying these recipes should not have to be time-consuming and a lot of work!

If you’re looking for a wonderful treat with that morning cup of dark roast brew, think about trying it with a slice of delicious coffee cake!