September 23, 2023

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Indi Joe, For Global Cuisine at Indian Prices – Restaurants in Hyderabad

What you see – The BJN Hotels Group took a long time to expand in Hyderabad. But when they did, they did it with a bang. So they started off with Angeethi, the Punjabi dhaba-like restaurant that has been doing really well in the city, thanks to the economically-priced buffet. And then waited for years (wonder why?) to start their other restaurants in the city.

So now with City Center mall opening up in Hyderabad they got a complete floor booked for their businesses ranging from Aromas of China for Cantonese and Shanghai cuisines to Firangi Paani, a pub with an ambiance of the Victorian era. We decided to check out Indi Joe, their multi-cuisine restaurant on the same floor.

Now this restaurant is not flashy when it comes to the colors that are used for the décor. Only subtle colors like brown, black, beige and white, whether it is in the furniture, the walls, the stylish bar, the uniforms that the stewards wear or even the cutlery (barring the silverware).

We visited this restaurant on a weekday. Not that it made a difference because it was full even then. We luckily managed to get seats for ourselves.

What you get – Like Angeethi, this restaurant is popular for its buffet. It’s a lavish spread out here starting from soups and salads to pastries and soufflés. What’s more? You could choose from a variety of cuisines by either going for spaghetti, plain rice or even hash brown potatoes (made right in front of you). In fact, some of the names were totally new to us. The food was nonetheless delicious. Everything tasted just right – neither too spicy, nor too bland.

The best part is, of course, the dessert. Here you could choose from ice creams, soufflés and muffins or even dip your piece of apple or cake in liquid chocolate. And if this is not tempting, we wonder what is.

And then the music. It’s all English music over here though not the latest. The only music that we heard was of Vengaboys. Apart from the music you also have flat-panel televisions for your entertainment here. Though you may not be able to really hear what’s going on because of the loud music and the general din.

Our verdict – Service at this restaurant could improve. It could be because of the heavy rush, but we were totally ignored here. In fact, although we had separate seats, the steward assumed that we were a part of another group. Later when we asked him for our bill, he was surprised to know that we were on our own. Maybe we could have got away without paying too!

In spite of all that, we give our thumbs up to Indi Joe because the buffet here is worth every penny of the Rs. 135 it charges for each person (exclusive of taxes). But make sure you go there in the afternoon as that is the time for buffets. Evenings are for a la carte options like pizzas, sizzlers and the like.