September 23, 2023

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Healthy Fast Food Choices

Most people want to eat food that is low in fat, no trans fats, no cholesterol, and all the other Health Food buzz words, but who really has the time. Everybody has such a busy life now, “eating right” usually loses out to a Big Mac. It is easy and fast, and they taste pretty good. And really a Big Mac isn’t going to kill me; I ordered a Diet soda.

Well, maybe it is time that we compromised a bit. If there were foods, that had all the Health Food industry buzz words, were fast to cook, tasted good, and even your kids would like them, wouldn’t you give it a try ? For your kids, if for no one else.

Well it just so happens, you do have healthy fast food choices. There are a variety of companies in the US are making just what I am talking about. Companies like Health is Wealth, are making good tasting snacks and side dishes that are easy to make, taste good, and most importantly, you can cook them up in a microwave pretty fast.

Though they have your standard selection, such as Chicken Free Nuggets, which contains a chicken flavored Tofu (it is actually better than it may sound), the company has a selection of options boasting of more than 35 frozen vegetarian, vegan or all-natural items. The current product lineup includes chicken nuggets, patties and tenders; meatless nuggets and patties; “Munchees” Asian appetizers such as egg rolls and spring rolls; pizzas and more.

Some of my personal favorite fast snacks are the Potatoes Au Gratin, Pizza Bagels, and twice baked potato. So if you are looking for food that is fast, healthy and tastes good, take a look in your specialty market freezer section, and keep an eye out for Health is Wealth.