September 23, 2023

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Eat Fast Food – Lose Weight

While I climbed UP the scale from 120 to 170 lbs, I was doing everything right.

I ate the most grained multi-grained bread money yeast could yield, with egg-whites, dark leafy green salads, OJ and water.

If it wasn’t organic or low calorie, I didn’t buy it. I was suckered into the Whole Foods system.

When I gave up and decided to return to a life of pleasure, I figured some concessions would need to be made.

If I’m going to be eating fast food 4-8 times a week (which I’ve now been doing for 6 months), I couldn’t scarf down the Big Mac with large fries and soda each and every of the time. I’d need to find a middle ground, lean of true fullness, and have my stomach shrink down.


Because of number 1, I tested a buffet of value menu fast food items to establish that for me, number 2 holds. Here’s what I ate

Wendy’s – Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Sm Fry, Sm Coke

McDonald’s – McChicken, Sm Fry, Sm Coke

Burger King – Whopper Jr, 4 Pc nuggets, Sm Coke *my current favorite. a great, fresh, full-bodied little burger that you CAN’T feel guilty eating.*

Taco Bell – CrunchWrap supreme only

KFC – The Mashed Potato Bowl is a lavish treat, but my pick is a side order of Baked Beans with Popcorn Chicken

White Castle – 3 Jalepeno Cheeseburgers, Sm Onion Rings

Dominos – Personal Pie, Thin Crust

So if you wanted to know my exact diet to shed 40 pounds, that’s pretty much it in it’s entirety.

I have some explanations as to why this works, of course…

When we try to be good with our eating habits, like you are trying to be, and like I have tried to be for so many years, the temptation to be bad looms constantly. We feel bad while being good! So, we be bad in response. It happens all the time, after days or months or even years of a proper, steady diet, things go wrong. We binge. When we binge, we binge much harder than any of the meals I have described above.

Here is the thing, if you ate any one of the meals listed above, you would still be hungry. That is the problem.

We arrive here at the notion of true fullness, where we must evaluate the difference between our physical and mental hunger. During a binge, our mental desire to eat dominates any physical need, and we overeat, our stomach stretches, we get bigger. As this happens more and more, it takes a toll on our bodies.

Anyway, I do love fast food. Don’t you? That’s why true fullness is so great. Once you know true fullness, and recognize it beyond your mental desire to eat, you can eat anything you want.

Restaurants in this country, minus the posh ultra-chic of course, service over-sized portions. When a normally diligent dieter is out to dinner, celebrating, they indulge and eat a grossly over-sized meal, with drinks and a dessert. What I’ve learned to do, more or less, is eliminate the binge problem entirely by living a food-life of moderate to intermediate indulgence whenever I am truly hungry. So when the special occasion comes and I am out to a meal, I eat a true portion, which is about 1/3 of the plate, and feel completely full, happy and satisfied. My stomach has shrunk. I am smaller.

I hope this quick explanation into why eating fast food has worked for me inspired you in some way. There is no need to restrict what you want to eat. Restricting yourself only leads you more prone to breaking your own rules, being disappointed, and surrendering. Enjoy yourself in moderation, and let your stomach tell you when to stop eating, not your head.