September 23, 2023

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Desert Boots: Over 50 Years Old, But Equal to Modern Shoes

As a man, it can sometimes be difficult to find a pair of high quality, and stylish boots, that are also comfortable too, if you have ever found this to be a problem, then read on. Desert boots meet all three qualities outlined in the previous sentence, and much more besides.

Desert boots are styled on the military footwear worn by the British Armed Forces during the Second World War. The British Armed Forces wished to create a type of boot that would be extremely hardwearing, comfortable, and which could keep feet dry from sweat in the hot and acrid climate of the deserts of ‘The North African Campaign’.

The army fashioned the boots to the highest specification, keeping in mind at all times, the safety and comfort of the troops, with such a high level of engineering implicit in their design, they have not needed many modifications in order to bring them up to date for our contemporary sensibilities, and not to mention our cold climate. Aside from the various colours and the added ornamental embellishments, modern boots are different only in one sense: these boots are now waterproof. The fantastic thing about this style of footwear is that they suit any climate, they are built for warm weather, so they are great as a summer boot, but by wearing a pair of thermal socks, they are perfect for winter too. They make a refreshing change to traditional winter boots – which tend to make feet sweat at the same time as keeping the warm – because they are breathable, and draw moisture away from the feet.

Traditionally, desert boots came in a camouflage or camel colour, created to blend into a desert background, nowadays, these remain the most popular colours, but brighter variations are available. Although originally created for men, today, fashion sensibilities ensure that desert boots are available for women too.

There are many more variations of desert boot than there were during WWII, and this probably accounts for their continued popularity as a style of footwear. Nowadays, we can purchase boots with high-rise uppers, which offer great support to the ankle; there are desert boots with various types of heel, from wedge heels to stiletto heels; there are different materials from which to choose, including the more traditional leathers and suede.

As a style of footwear they are fantastic for people who love to hike in their spare time, they are designed to be comfortable, even when the person wearing the boots is undertaking gruelling work, indeed, the army created them for their soldiers to ensure that their feet were well protected during excessive periods of marching through the desert. Indeed, although they were first created more than fifty years ago, they remain an equal match to even the most sophisticated of hiking shoes.