April 2, 2023

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8 Best Thai Sweets

Sticky rice with mango is one of the most famous and overly popular Thai sweets choices. Sweet sticky rice paired with a sweet yellow, non-stringy mango, and a thick coconut cream make sticky rice with mango a treat that everyone enjoys!

The Thai ice cream sandwich is an interesting and delicious dessert choice. Coconut ice cream is loaded into a hamburger bun along with sticky rice and peanuts at the bottom. The bun provides a great way to hold the ice cream and soak up the melting cream!

Sang Kaya Fug Tong is basically the Thai version of custard. The creamy custard is filled into a sweet cooked pumpkin and left to harden. A slice of the pumpkin includes a chunk of custard and the two extremely complement each other.

Khanom Thuay can be described as Thai coconut custard bowls. These small bites of coconut cream custard are formed in tiny bite sized bowls. The vendor then scoops them out into a dish and serves them!

Bua Loy is one of the best Thai dessert treats. They are small balls made from mochi rice flour and filled with pounded up black sesame seeds. These small dumplings are usually eaten in a bowl of sweet ginger soup.

Sticky rice with durian is one of the most unique and flavorful Thai sweets available. A slice of overly ripe durian is placed on top of a bowl of sweet sticky rice and then the entire dessert is covered in sweet coconut cream. The result is an incredible creamy mixture with a sensational durian flavor!

Thai Pancakes, known as roti, are popular as a dessert and also as a snack. A thin layer of pasty dough is fried in butter and oil on a hot pan. There is a choice of adding banana, chocolate or an assortment of other ingredients to make the pancake just like you want it!

Roti Sai Mai is similar to a cotton floss candy. Sweet hair like strands of sugar are wrapped into a thin pancake to create a Thai cotton candy wrap.